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Step 1

Brand Audit

Before any of the creative processes begin we like knowing who and what we are working with. Audits also help our clients understand where they are starting from.


Step 2

Project Overview

Understanding what the project looks like from start to finish will be an essential step in managing expectations us and the clients.


Step 3


During pre-production, we set the foundation for a successful project by planning and organizing all the essential elements before actual production begins.


Step 4


Production is the phase in the creative process when the planned project comes to life. During this stage, the primary focus is on capturing the content or creating the event as per the pre-production plan


Step 5


Post-production is the phase in the creative process that occurs after the content has been captured or the event has taken place. It involves editing, refining, and finalizing the project to create the desired end product


Step 5

Finished Video

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